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RACUS organization took part in the international educational exhibition in the Kingdom of Morocco (Casablanca)

On April 18-21, 2019, group of Russian state universities RACUS took part in the biggest international educational exhibition in Africa in the Kingdom of Morocco (Casablanca).
This exhibition closed the big semi-annual educational expo tour (more than 30 cities, more than 60 educational exhibitions and workshops), held by RACUS organization in Morocco together with Russian Centre for Science and Culture in the Kingdom.

The opening of the exhibition was held at high level. The ceremony of opening was attended by representatives of the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education & Scientific Research of the Kingdom of Morocco , the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Morocco V.V. Shuvaev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Morocco A.V. Tsybenko, Counsellor of Russian Embassy in Morocco V.O. Chechin, general director of RACUS organization A. Nutsalov and representatives of five Russian universities who visited Morocco at the invitation of RACUS organization, as well as heads of foreign diplomatic missions and journalists of the leading Moroccan mass-media.

At the Russian stand V.V. Shuvaev and A.V. Tsybenko had meetings with 15 delegates from 5 universities as well as with staff of RACUS organization. During the meeting they were discussing current relations between Russia and Morocco in educational sphere, plans and perspectives of promoting Russian universities in the highly competitive educational market of Morocco. During last 10 years, the number of universities became several times bigger and a lot of private and state universities as well as branches of many European universities were opened.

Representatives of 22 countries, including universities of Morocco, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and other countries took part in the exhibition. RACUS organization was the only participant from Russia. Six exhibition stands of RACUS organization with the total area of 48 square meters were very popular among visitors of the exhibition. According to the host of the expo, Russian stand was the most attractive, the most informative and the brightest one.

Russian higher education was presented by the administrative staff (vice-rectors, deans, heads of international departments ) of the leading state universities of the RACUS group such as Astrakhan state medical university, Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University, Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saratov State Medical University and Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin.

In general, RACUS organization presented all 20 universities of the RACUS group. A lot of Moroccan young people study at these universities, particularly at the universities offering programs in French. Moroccan students choose Russian state universities because of the high quality of education, affordable prices, excellent life conditions, tolerant and friendly international environment and, of course, because of the prestigious diplomas recognized all over the world.

During the visit Russian delegation successfully held meetings in the Ministry of education of Morocco with administrators of the leading Moroccan University of Hassan II and administrative staff of several schools that hosted “Study in Russia-2019” workshop.

2019 became the anniversary year for the RACUS organization in the Kingdom of Morocco. The first representative office was opened there more than 20 years ago – in 1999. Since that time RACUS organization hold more than 700 different educational events in more than 30 cities of the Kingdom. In 2019, RACUS organization is going to hold more than 600 educational events such as exhibitions, conferences, workshops in 72 countries. More than one million promotional and informational brochures have been already printed and at the moment are being actively handed out.

All visitors of the exhibition in Casablanca received colorful brochures about Russian state universities of RACUS group and souvenirs with “Study in Russia” logo. They were also invited at RACUS representative offices in Morocco for free consultations.

RACUS organization thanks the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Morocco V.V. Shuvaev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Morocco A.V. Tsybenko, Counselor of Russian Embassy in Morocco V.O. Chechin for their contribution to arrangement of the meetings in the Ministry of Education and universities of the Kingdom of Morocco.