Main pageNewsPakistan2020 RACUS organization took part in the international educational fair in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad

RACUS organization took part in the international educational fair in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad

On February 4, 2020 the international educational fair was held at the largest hotel (Serena Hotel) in Islamabad, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where RACUS organization presented 20 leading Russian state universities and prestigious Russian higher education. The educational fair was organized by one of the most popular newspapers in Pakistan - Dawn.
Many universities from all over the world (USA, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc.) participated in the fair. The stall of RACUS organization (the only representative of Russia) was one of the most visited at the educational fair. All the visitors got detailed information regarding Russian higher education, and also got acquainted with informative brochures specially prepared for them by the RACUS organization.

Promising youths and their parents were informed that the diploma of Russian state universities of RACUS group is recognized around the world, which allows graduates to continue their studies or build their career in any country.

All the guests expressed high demand for medical and engineering programs offered by the universities of RACUS group. While studying students have a unique opportunity to practice in innovative laboratories, participate in famous professors’ workshops and intern at well-known Russian companies.

The visitors admitted that they would be happy to apply for studies at the universities of RACUS group in 2020/2021 academic year. Future students will get high-quality education, comfortable living conditions in student dormitories, affordable tuition fees, active student life and many more. Russian higher education is the first step towards a successful future!