Here you may find video about Russia and Russian state universities.

Our Students Speak

Welcome to the page «Our Students Speak»! Here you may share your opinion about “RACUS”, study in Russia and give your advise for future students of Russian state universities. Please fill in the form below stating your full name, email and country.

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Nicodemus Mogaka (Botswana)

Hello RACUS,
I am delighted for the work you do to make students all over the world know the beauty that Russia has and how ready it is to help students learn in their desired careers and fields!
I am enjoying the magnificent climate and warmth that the people show to foreign students here in Saratov.

Тураева Камола

Я, Тураева Камола Шавкатовна, хочу выразить глубокую признательность организации «РАКУС» за хорошую работу с иностранными гражданами, которая поставлена на должный профессиональный уровень.
Хочется также поблагодарить работников этой организации за гуманное отношение к людям, за доброжелательность, за готовность прийти на помощь.
Необходимо подчеркнуть, что «РАКУС» заключила договор с Республикой Узбекистан и предоставила возможность узбекским гражданам обучаться в вузах России.
Позвольте от лица всех граждан Узбекистана, обучающихся в престижных российских вузах, сказать огромное спасибо за эту уникальную возможность.
С уважением и признательностью студентка I курса Санкт – Петербургской Химико – Фармацевтической Академии
Тураева Камола Шавкатовна

jessy samson kigen

From the students speak, i want to thank Racus for the great opportunity for letting us study i Russia. i want ti study in Russia if Granted a chance.

Thank you

AGAJIM Soukaina

hello! my name is soukaina ; i’am 18 years old
i would like to finish m studies at russia because it’s a wonderful country to study ^^
i apply for some informations about study in russia
and thanks :)

Randolph Boat(Ghana)

Great initiative by RACUS.i’m looking foward to studying in Russia in the next academic year.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Tell us what country you are from, so we can provide you with all necessary information.


Thank you so much.

peggy( botswana)

hi my name is peggy ,am 18.hoping to get an opportunity to study in russia next year(Godwilling).the work RACUS is doing is incredible, its helping alot of students!thank u!


Hi ! My name is Taylor and I am so greatfully thank you that I’ve found the university of my dreams ! Thanks you so much.

Shamene Martha Grace Nangombe [ Namibia]

thanks russsia .im happy becouse i found the university of my dreams.thank you russia.

mohammed safouane fakkar

hello !
really whene i was in the college i heard that studies in russia it’s good and it make students get a good future so now i have my graduate and i care about continue my studies there :)

likando muhau

heard about russia, and i liked it…
My name z ryt above nd am zambian,
aged19..wana study pharmacy in russia, thanx to racus il there nxt year???
Russia here i cam!!


Am Prince Akoensi and a native of Ghana.Am so grateful to RACUS for all they have done for me.
I also want more about the standard of living in Moscow.Thank you


two years and i will come to study in russia yessss oh i waiting for this moment !!!!!

Bonolo Makhondo

I’m Bonlo From Botswana. Hope to meet ya’ll once i get to Russia this coming academic year….
Cant wait.


Hi am Norseman 18yrs of age completed matrix last year, from NAMIBIA realy want to come studyy in russia cant wait to see my choosen university TAMBOV.. Thanks Racus for providing support to foreign students.

Lillian msundire

hie im from zimbabwe,,but currentl staying in south africa,im so happy that ive found the place of my dreams with affordable tuition fees,,hopefully i will be ther next year,,thanx racus

mone gilles christian william

hello,yours different commentary are very interesting and i’m also very interest by russia and i wanted to study in this country.before i thought that it is an inaccessible country but now thanks racus this is not the case.thank you

norrity mulenga:

hai am norrity from zambia and looking forward to study in Russia which has been my childhood dream and desire,thanks to Racus for this wounderful and great opportunity they are giving.

Life Cofie Gokah

Life Gokah from Ghana, had been my desire to study in Russia thanks God for this wounderful and great opportunity giving given by racus

Rebekka Kaupitwa

Hai i am rebekka from Namibia and i want to say thnks for a good decision that russia have came up wit. I have applied to go study in russia.

Nozwelo Thwala

hello,im nozwelo from swaziland ,i would just like to say that studying in russia seems like a great opportunity to do the career you want and enjoy the pleasures of being in a country as wonderful as russia.i would like to study there next year and hopefully i will if all goes according to plan.thanks for the opportunity RACUS.


Hi,my name is Deborah from Nigeria,this is the great opportunity have being waiting for and i believe that by this year september i will also be in one universities in Russia.I CAN’T WAIT TO BE THERE.Thanks to Racus organization for this great privilege.

Farai Joshua Hoko

Thank you racus. This information is benefiting us a lot. Zimbabwe

Rime Ammar

Hey I am a morrocan student and I really hope to finich my studies in russia :)

mary Chabala mulenga

Hi am mary from Zambia,this is great opportunity have been waiting for and I believe that GOD is going to a miracle,by this year September I will be in russia at one of the universitie,if all goes well

maropeng mphaho

South africa-hi I’m a first year civil engineering student and would be very grateful if I was given the oppurtunity to complete my degree in Russia

Reinhold Nepwanga S

Hi, my name is Reinhold Nepawnga from Namibia is the great opportunity have being waiting for and i wanted to study in this country next year if all goes according to plan. thanks Racus for this wonderful and great opportunity they are giving.

Reinhold Nepwanga S

Hi, my name is Reinhold Nepwanga from Namibia is the great opportunity have being waiting for and i wanted to study in this country next year if all goes according to plan .thanks to racus for this wonderful and great opportunity they are giving.

Alex Namaseb

Hi, my name is Alex from Namibia, really feels good to be granted a chance to go abroad, all thanks to the RACUS group
will be joining my Namibian team in September….

ghazali djelloul

hello, i’m ghazali 26 years from algeria.hoping to get an opportunity to study in russia.Thank you racus. This good idea

Hety Capitao

Hi, my name is Capitao from Angola, I think this is an amazing initiative of RACUS to open new doors for international students (mostly from African Countries) and I got a lot of informations on how to apply, and I am hoping to study in one of your universities next year.


I recommended someone last year to Racus and God willing he may leave this year and i hope to also be there next year By Gods grace to further my education as well.Russia is really a beautiful place.Thanx Racus.


Am joan from ghana.last year i recommended someone to Racus and God willing he will be leaving this year.Hope to be there next year too.Thank you Racus for this help.russia is really a beautiful place and can’t wait to be there.Thanks.


My name’s Soares, I’m from Angola, and I was looking for a good place to study.
so I found this place, and It’s Russia. I want to study in Russia.
that’s my dream.

boudjedour mohamed amine

great thanks racus this is the great opportunity have being waiting for and i believe that by this year september i will also be in one universities in Russia its my dream thanks

Kwasi Kodua

Hi i am kwasi from accra Ghana and cant wait to start school thanks to racus I have a new opportunity to go study abroad and specifically Tambov in russia thanks for this chance Basketball team here i come

Henok Tuhafeni Paulus

halllow I am Tuhafeni from Namibia, I would like to thank RACUS for the great work. I applied and will be delighted to study at Russia this upcoming September if granted the opportunity. THANKS RACUS..


Dentistry Racus

YYou guys are doing a great and appreciate thaYYou guys are doing a great and appreciate that.

Vaino S Amunyela


it was a great experience studying in a foreign country, Astrakhan State Medical University, i have learn a lot with you guy, Elina Gagarina was the best and will always be

Gakunju Richard Mwangi

Master of Science in Pharmacy, graduated 1982

Want to express my gratitude for studying at the then Pyatigorsk Institute of Pharmacy where l graduated with a Master of Science degree in Pharmacy in 1982. l am now a national and international consultant in alcohol and substance abuse. Would like to know how l can contact the Alumnii of my class.

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