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Studying in Russia provides you with great opportunities. It is not just the chance to get a high-quality education and a prestigious degree; it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will get to know about the culture, traditions, language, attitudes and values of the Russian people. The decision to study in Russia will most certainly open up a new world brimful of exciting, captivating and rewarding adventure!

We warmly welcome you to study in Russia!

Get to know more about Russia!


 Occupying 17 million square kilometers, Russia is the largest country in the world. It covers around one eighth of the Earth's inhabited land mass and spreads across two continents (Europe and Asia).
The population is 143 million people. Russia is a multiethnic country. Ethnic Russians comprise 80% of the country's population, but the Russian Federation is also home to more than 160 different ethnic groups.
The official state language is Russian. Popular foreign languages that are often included in the secondary school curriculum and widely studied include English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
The Russian Federation or Russia is a federation and semi-presidential republic, wherein the President is the head of state. The President of Russia is Vladimir V. Putin.
The Russian capital and the largest city is Moscow (population more than 11 million people). There are more than 1050 cities in the country; in the European part of Russia the largest cities are Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Veliky Novgorod, Saratov, Tambov, Astrakhan and Stavropol.


Russia is a multi-confessional state. 

Russia is unique in terms of confessional diversity. You will find followers of many different world religions in the country. The most popular are Christianity (Orthodoxy and Catholicism), Islam (Sunnism), Buddhism and Judaism.


Get inspired by cultural heritage and modern art!

 In Russia you will have the chance to admire world masterpieces in the best museums and theatres. The cultural heritage of Russia is as big and diverse as the country itself.

The inspiring paintings of great Russian artists catch the eye of not only sophisticated judges of art but also ordinary visitors to the many art galleries and museums.

Russian literature has produced some of the greatest writers of all time – A. Pushkin, L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, F. Dostoevsky, N. Gogol, I, Turgenev, A. Ostrovsky, N. Nekrasov, M. Bulgakov, V. Nabokov, I. Bunin, S. Esenin, B. Pasternak, A. Solzhenitsyn and many others. Learning Russian language will provide you with the unique opportunity to read in the original the legendary books of such prominent writers, whose contribution to the world literature is invaluable. Many of them had been awarded prestigious literary prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Taste the diverse flavors of the Russian cuisine. You won’t be able to resist!


Try new indoor and outdoor sports and enjoy our sporting victories with us!

Since the middle of XX century Russia has been considered a sporting nation. Starting with the Helsinki Olympic Games of 1952 and going up to the present day, Soviet and later Russian athletes have always been in the top three for the number of gold medals collected at the Olympics.

The 1980 Summer Olympics were held in Moscow, while the 2014 Winter Olympics will be hosted in Sochi.

Russia will also host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The most popular sports in Russia are: football, ice hockey, figure skating, biathlon, skiing, boxing, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, chess, weightlifting, athletics, wrestling (Greco-Roman and freestyle), martial arts (judo, sambo) and many others.


Admire the incomparable beauty of Russia’s natural landscapes!

A moderately continental climate is prevalent in all parts of the country. All four seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring – are easily distinguished. Each season lasts for approximately three months, making the climate comfortable for the country’s inhabitants.

The average temperature in summer is +25C. It becomes colder in autumn – from +10 C to +15 C. In winter the temperature is from – 15 C to +5 C. It becomes warmer in spring – from +10C to +15C.

As Russia stretches across a vast area from south to north and from west to east, the climate varies in different parts of the country.


Discuss topical economical and political issues with your Russian friends!

Russia possesses the world's largest proven reserves of natural gas, and is also its largest manufacturer and exporter. As well as this, Russia shares first-second place with Saudi Arabia for volume of extracted oil.
Major sectors of the Russian economy: nuclear energy, natural gas and oil export, military technical industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, scientific research and innovation, mining, space technologies, construction, commerce, telecommunications, transport, aeronautics and shipbuilding, food technologies, woodworking, chemical industry, agriculture and the service sector.

Russia is one of the key participants in international dialogue.

As one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Russia remains one of the traditional great powers and has special responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
Russia is a member of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations. It is a member of a large number of international organizations, including the Council of Europe.

Russia maintains diplomatic relations with 191 countries; it has diplomatic missions in 144 countries. 


Admire the variety of transport systems and well-developed infrastructure of our immense country!

Major Russian cities have well-developed and diverse systems of public transport, including the most common varieties of vehicles such as buses, trolleybuses, trams, underground metro, plains, ships, boats, aqua buses etc.


Discover the most up-to-date scientific and technical research and the famous inventions of notable Russian scientists!

 Russia is the pioneer of many branches of scientific research and achievements:

- Space pioneers: Yu.A. Gagarin, K.E. Tsiolkovskiy, S.P. Korolev, amongst others


- Inventions: first in the world: light bulb, radio, television, helicopter, space rocket, video recorder, mainline locomotive, color photograph, animated feature, intensifying and generating semiconductor device, building combined machine, grain harvester, model of mechanical heart, thermonuclear and atomic bomb, gasoline-powered engine and many others

In Russia there are about 4,000 organizations involved in scientific research and development. About 70% of these organizations belong to the government.


Become a student of a prestigious state university and experience independent life full of new impressions, emotions and friends!

Student life…this is not just about study. You will visit museums, cinemas, interesting concerts, shows and performances; you will meet new friends from all parts of our globe. This is a fun, fulfilling, exciting experience. 

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