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The aviation related professions have always been in demand and popular among the youth because they are associated with adventure, discovery of new space areas, and a wish to fly like a bird in the sky. The devotion of your professional life to the aviation industry ensures a prestige and a highly paid employment. This is due to the world economic development, increase of passengers and cargo transportations in the world. Moscow Aviation Institute, a premium aviation institute was created for those who love the sky and who can not imagine his/her life and future profession without aviation. Moscow Aviation Institute is a State higher education establishment. It was founded in 1930 for training of high qualified staff for the aviation industry. Among its graduates there are over 100 honored test-pilots of aeronautical engineering, Heroes of Soviet Union and Russia, 20 space pilots who worked over 12 years in the space. Today Moscow Aviation Institute trains multi-skilled product and design engineers for aircraft, rocket-space and defense industries, specialists for aeronautical engineering and airports maintenance. The unique character of Moscow Aviation Institute is that it's the only higher education establishment in the world which follows up the series of manufacturing of aircrafts. The majority of modern aeronautical and rocket-space engineering in service and exploitation by the army in Russia was created under the control and with the direct participation of the Moscow Aviation Institute graduates.

Today Moscow Aviation Institute comprises 11 faculties, 4 branches (located at the strategic centers of Russian aerospace industry) where over 20 000 students from all continents of the Earth currently study in 46 specialties. The training of high-qualified specialists in Moscow Aviation Institute is conducted by over 1, 725 lecturers including 16 actual members of Russian Academy of Science, and over 1 100 Doctors of science and professors. For the last 5 years the professors and staff of the Institute were honored with 4 awards of the Russian Government in the field of science and engineering, 2 awards of the Russian Government in the field of education and won more than 450 awards within the frame of participating at the international and national exhibitions, competitions, forums such as: International Forum “High Technologies of the XXI st century”, International Industry Exhibition “Hannover Messe 2009”, etc.

Moscow Aviation Institute is not only the leading world aviation educational establishment, but it is also a large scientific research center on the basis of which many significant scientific discoveries were made. Research activities are actively developed in the field of aviation, rocket and missile engineering, transport, information and telecommunication systems, power economy and saving.

Moscow Aviation Institute together with the large enterprises and organizations implements a number of innovative educational programs for specialists' training. It has got a rich experience in creating of innovative scientific educational centers and complexes. Over 3 000 students take part in the Institute's scientific research activity. The Institute has the best conditions for the successful studies for its students such as large lecture rooms, up-to-date equipped laboratories for practical classes, the richest library with more than million books, modern equipped sports halls, comfortable students' hostels.

Moscow Aviation Institute is one of the unique universities in the world with its own aerodrome where future engineers get their actual flying practice. Many centers have been successfully working for years at the Institute, they are students construction office for experimental aeronautical engineering – introducer of ultra light and sport aircrafts, students construction office for aeronautical simulation, students construction office for helicopter industry – introducer of remotely piloted small vertical flying up vehicles.

Rich scientific teaching, educational and scientific methodical experience, unique engineering base, broad relationships with enterprises of aeronautical industry, all this allows Moscow Aviation Institute to train the highest qualified specialists whose level of training, knowledge and skills perfectly corresponds with modern requirements of national and world employment market.

Upon successful completion of the University, the graduate gets higher education degree of Russian national standard indicating Degree/ qualification and speciality. The graduate also gets additional document “European Appendix”, which allows to get its equivalence in any of 45 European and other countries signed up to the “Bologna convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education” and to further education or apply for a prestigious job in these countries.



Aircraft, Rocket and Missiles Engineering; Aircraft and Helicopter Industry; Life Support Systems of Flying Vehicles; Aircraft Engine and Power Installations; Rocket Motor; Electric Propulsion and Power InstallationsмAeronautical and Space-Rocket Heat Engineering; Controlled, Flight and Navigation, Power Generation Complexes of Flying Vehicles; Automated Control Systems of Military Aeronautical Complexes; Drive System of Flying Vehicles; Robotic Systems of Aircraft Armament; Aerohydrodynamics; Flight Dynamics and Flight Control; Rocket and Missiles Engineering; Space Vehicles and Booster Units; Life Support Systems and Rocket and Space Flying-Vehicles Protection; Testing the Flying Vehicles; Aircraft Instruments, Measuring and Computer-Based Complexes; Materials Science and New Materials Technology; Electrical Equipment of Flying Vehicles; Dynamics and Strength of Machines; Construction and Production of Devices from Composed Materials; Applied Mathematics and Informatics; Power-Plant Engineering; Electric Engineering, Electromechanics and Electrotechnics; Applied Mechanics; Instrument Making; Optotechnics; Metrology, Standardization and Certification; Design and Technology of Electrical Means; Radiotechnics; Automatization and Management; Informatics and Computer Science; Organization and Technology of Data Security; Complex Security of Informatization Objects; Plasma Electric Power Installations; Medical and Biological Engineering; Design and Technology of Computer Devices; Radiophysics and Electronics; Radiotechnics; Radioelectronic Systems; Means of Radioelectronic Warfare; Management and Informatics in Technical Systems; Computer Engines, Complexes, Systems and Networks; Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management; Computer-Aided-Design Systems; Computer and Automated Systems Software; Information Systems and Technologies ; Stimulation and Research of Operations in Organizational and Technical Systems; Management of Organization; Enterprise Economics and Management; Service; Environmental Protection; Ecology; Standartization and Certification; Public Relations; Linguistics; Translation and Translation Studies.

  Course duration(academic years) Tuition fees for 1 academic year (USD) Hostel accommodation fees for 1 academic year (USD) Life and health insurance fees for 1 year (USD) Total (USD)

Candidates for studies in Russian State Universities, who don't speak Russian language, are firstly admitted to the Foundation Course (duration is 1 academic year) to study Russian language and improve the level of knowledge in major special subjects up to the required for further study at the University on the chosen specialty. To specify the tuition, accommodation, life and health insurance fees and other expenses, please, contact the representative office of RACUS organization in your country.

Bachelor's Degree 4 3600 1080 200 4880
Specialist's Qualification 5 3600 1080 200 4880
Master's Degree 2 4000 1080 200 5280
Ph.D. 3 6000 1080 200 7280

Upon the arrival at the University, the student pays a registration fee in the amount of 60 EURO and the fee for the invitation issuance in the amount of 60 USD in cash at the Account Department of the University.

Tuition, accommodation in a student hostel and insurance fees, stipulated in USD, are an approximate equivalent of tuition fees in Russian rubles. The actual tuition and accommodation fees may be slightly corrected due to the US dollars /Russian ruble exchange rate correlation on the International Monetary Exchange as on the date of the tuition, accommodation and insurance fees invoice issuance.

The price for legalization of the documents which is required to obtain the 'Certificate of Equivalence', obligatory for all international students, in Rosobrnadzor (Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) is 6500 Russian rubles (which is equivalent to approximately 100 USD). All the activities concerning the preparation of the documentation package required to obtain the equivalence certificate and the equivalence procedure itself are undertaken by the student himself/herself at their own expense.

The above-mentioned fees for tuition, accommodation in student hostel, life and health insurance are valid only for 2016/2017academic year.

During the initial registration procedure the candidate pays a enrollment fee of 300 USD which covers the charges for the issuance of the invitation letter for studies, sending the original and other documents to the candidate's country of the permanent residence by express mail, meeting the candidate at the international airport in Moscow, transfer and accompanying to the Institute, drawing up documents for admission to the Institute for studies, registration fee, etc. Average food expenses are not less than 500 USD per month. When first entering Russia, the candidate should have about 500 USD to buy some basic necessities and personal things (clothes, dishes, electrical equipment, etc.)

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