About «RACUS»


For more than 20 years »RACUS» has been providing international students with professional assistance to get prestigious higher education at Russian state universities.

Participation of RACUS organization in International Educational Exhibition «Bénin: Higher Education-2016» in Cotonou, Republic of Bénin


On July 28-30, 2016 RACUS organization took part in International Educational Exhibition «Bénin: Higher Education-2016» which took place in Cotonou, the financial capital and the biggest city of the country.
            It can be affirmed that the educational exhibition «Bénin: Higher Education-2016» is a sort of educational Mecca for the Beninese young people, that allows them to get acquainted with international tendencies in the field of higher education. This educational exhibition is the biggest in the country and attracts a lot of graduates and their parents from the four corners of the country, offering a big choice of educational programs, institutions of higher education and countries. In 2016 besides of the local universities,  the institutions of higher education of Russia and USA took part in the exhibition.
            The group of Russian State universities RACUS became the only participant of the exhibition who presented to the visitors' attention the possibility of obtaining higher education in Russian State universities. Thus, the visitors of the RACUS group stand had a unique possibility to get acquainted with more than 20 Russian State universities of RACUS group and offering more than 500 medical, engineering, technical, economic and humanities specialties, to receive reliable information about Russian higher education system, about rules of admission for foreign students and about accommodation conditions in students' hostels.
            Without doubt, the colorful stand of RACUS organization became one of the centers of visitors' attention during the educational exhibition: the graduates and their parents were eager to seize the opportunity to get the consultation about the possibility of obtaining high-quality affordable higher education in Russia – country with rich history and culture, giving unique possibilities for every candidate. Thus, Russian State universities of RACUS group give the choice between studying in Russian medium, which will help young Beninese to learn on of the wide-spread languages of the world, the official language of UN and UNESCO, and in French medium, native language, in such specialties as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy.
            During the 20-minute conference, RACUS organization employees showed to the visitors (school graduates and their parents) bright videos and presentations about Russian science achievements, about rich history and culture of the country, about high scientific potential, founded by Russian scientists – graduates of Russian State universities. The visitors could ask their questions about rules of admission to studies, about tuition fees, about students life in Russia and receive full and complete answers. It must be noted that the visitors were very interested in such specialties as General Medicine, Management, Economics, and such universities as Tambov State University, Novgorod State University, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Saratov State Medical University.
            Without doubt, higher education, received in Russia, is a unique base of knowledge and skills, that will help every graduate of Russian State universities to become a highly qualified specialist in the chosen area of science. That is why many visitors of the exhibition «Bénin: Higher Education-2016» expressed their desire to study in one of prestigious Russian State universities of RACUS group.
            The exhibition showed to the school-leavers and their parents wide perspectives of obtaining higher education in Russia and of planning of the successful professional future. Every visitor of the group of Russian State universities RACUS stand received souvenirs and brochures in French with the information about the possibility of obtaining higher education in Russian State universities of RACUS group. All the visitors were invited to visit RACUS organization office in Benin in order to receive individual consultation and admission to studies in 2016/2017 academic year.  
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